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1st Touch Football Academy

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1st Touch Football Academy

12 Grampian Close


East Sussex

BN23 8EP

07799 771272 

Coaching Venue U5 to U7 :

Ratton School

Park Lane


East Sussex

BN21 2XR


Indoors - Trainers Only

Coaching Venue U8 to U16 :

Eastbourne College

Beresford House

Summerdown Road


East Sussex

BN20 8DG


Astro Trainers Only

Session times :

Ratton School :


Pre Academy

Mondays 5.15pm to 6.15pm

(4-7 yr old)



Eastbourne College - Beresford House :


Foundation Phase 

Thursdays 6.30pm to 7.30pm

(7-11 yr old)


Development Phase

Thursday 6.30pm to 7.30pm

(12-16 yr old)

2 Free Trial Sessions!!

All new players receive two free sessions before deciding whether to commit to 1st Touch Football Academy

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About Us

At 1st Touch Football Academy, we will focus on areas of the game that are so often accused of being the downfall of our nations footballers, i.e. the ability to have control of the football, the confidence to demonstrate our technique on the ball and the speed required to outwit our opponents.
Using our experience of professional clubs academys, we will tailor our sessions to suit the individual as well as the group needs ,in order to ensure every player improves and benefits from his or her experience with the 1st Touch Football Academy.
All our sessions will be age appropriate and will follow a programme of development working from individual technique to tactical understanding of the game using the 3 R's of football :-
RECEIVING - The ability to receive the ball using various parts of the body. Encompassing ‘safe side’ receiving, receiving to turn and receiving to cover ground quickly. We will work on the players ability to 'paint pictures' in order to know their surroundings beofre they recieve the ball, helping them react quickly and make good decisions once they have it.
RETAINING - Once we have received the ball, can we keep the ball from our opponents, enabling our team mates to make off the ball runs and movement? This includes individual skills required to shield the ball, change direction quickly with the ball, beating players and dominating all the 1 v 1 battles that go on around the pitch, as well as passing to team mates simply to retain possession or 'through the lines' in order to create goalscoring opportunites.
RELEASING - Having received and retained the ball, what is the right and wrong time to release the ball? To early (before your team mate is ready), to late (is your team mate now marked or offside?) as well as the techniques required to execute the correct type of pass at the correct time. 

At 1st Touch Football Academy, we strongly believe in improving the players individual ability, his tactical knowledge and his overall decision making. To do this we use a range of coaching techniques aimed at giving the players ownership of their own destiny and letting them learn to make decisions for themselves.

We encourage positive attacking players and want to see players express themselves and use their imagination and creative instincts to make football the exciting game we all like to see.
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