1st Touch Football Academy
1st Touch Football Academy

Contact Us :

1st Touch Football Academy

12 Grampian Close


East Sussex

BN23 8EP

07799 771272 

Coaching Venue U5 to U7 :

Ratton School

Park Lane


East Sussex

BN21 2XR


Indoors - Trainers Only

Coaching Venue U8 to U16 :

Eastbourne College

Beresford House

Summerdown Road


East Sussex

BN20 8DG


Astro Trainers Only

Session times :

Ratton School :


Pre Academy

Mondays 5.15pm to 6.15pm

(4-7 yr old)



Eastbourne College - Beresford House :


Foundation Phase 

Thursdays 6.30pm to 7.30pm

(7-11 yr old)


Development Phase

Thursday 6.30pm to 7.30pm

(12-16 yr old)

2 Free Trial Sessions!!

All new players receive two free sessions before deciding whether to commit to 1st Touch Football Academy

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Coaching Philosophy

At 1st Touch Football Academy we consider it is our primary responsibility to make sure that players have fun whilst developing as footballers, which should hopefully instill in them a long term love for the game. We do not measure the performance of coaches in wins and losses, but rather in what players learn in terms of technique, sportsmanship and fair play. Our managers, coaches and officials are charged with the responsibility of controlling their players at all times during a match or training and will lead and teach by example.

Coaching Philosophy :- 

• To place the well being and safety of each player above all else. The priority is to keep all individuals as safe as possible and to minimise the risks as far as is possible in a full contact sport. 

• To use my position as a role model to young players in a positive manner, to influence them not only in terms of their sporting lifes but also in terms of their lives outside of the game to help maintain a healthy and positive way of life. 

• To respect and champion the rights of each individual. 

• To build an appropriate relationship with the individual based on openness, honestly, mutual trust and respect. 

• To always display high standards of behaviour and appearance. 

• To ensure that taking part, whether it be coaching or playing, is fun and to never let winning take over as the sole objective. 

• To involve the players in the decision making process. The outcome is more positive if people are working toward a commonly agreed and targeted end goal, rather than an end goal that has been assigned solely by the coach. 

• To listen to each of the players and treat their comments and suggestions with respect. 

• I do not use methods such as sarcasm, that may make the player fearful of raising issues with   me or asking me questions. I will encourage open and honest exchanges between the players and myself without fear of retribution or ridicule of the player. 

• To encourage the progression of the ‘allround’ person, not just in sport but to try and instill the benefits of good education and the importance of family and friends and positive interests away from the sports field. 

• To take pride in my coaching, to ensure players listen to what I’m saying and that what I am saying is relevant, in order to make sure I am coaching correctly. I will continue to try and improve my coaching techniques and methods and search out new ideas that will benefit the people I coach. 

• To continue to practise that you can learn from anybody at anytime regardless of age, gender, experience or ability and to accept that at no time will I have ‘learnt’ all there is to know.
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